This is a manual exfoliation procedure that gently removes the top layers of the skin using a surgical blade & the Million Dollar skincare products. 
The procedure aims to increase the absorption or skincare/topical products & diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment stimulates collagen synthesis & creates a healthy glow & a radiant complexion.



45 minutes


Dermaplane aims to make your skin surface smooth, youthful & radiant. Also used to remove 'peach fuzz' the short vellus nonterminal hair from your face. Dermaplaning removes up to 3x more dead skin cells than a microdermabrasion treatment.

Dermaplane + LED

60 minutes


This facial has everything from the Dermaplane Facial plus LED Light Therapy, which can be used to help reduce redness and help treat acne.


Dermaplane + Enzyme Peel

60 minutes


This facials includes the full Dermaplane Facial & an Enzyme Peel which will give that extra bit of exfoliation, giving you the full glow afterwards. 

The Ultimate Pamper

75 minutes


This facial is everything you need for a full pamper & exfoliation. Your skin will be left with super smooth, glowing, healthy skin & the removal of peach fuzz will mean your makeup goes on super smooth.

It includes Dermaplaning, an Enzyme Peel, LED Light Therapy & finishing off with a Collagen Mask.