Bikini Wax Preparation

Many of you have been regulars of bikini waxes & are now professionals at it, but there are still a few out there that are scared & worried about going ahead with it.

Unfortunately, we all know someone that has had a bad experience & tells you never to do it, but please don't let them put you off. If you pay the price & do your research it will be a decent wax.

It's never pain free, but a good therapist will try to make it as painless as possible. If you have a good pain threshold, even better!

So, I've decided to put together a list of ways to get prepared for your first ever bikini wax!

  1. If you normally shave, wait for minimum of 2 weeks for the hair to grow. This will make it easier for the wax to grip the hair.

  2. Take a Paracetamol beforehand; there is no proof that this does help but some people say it helps them.

  3. Always do your research & look at reviews - you pay for what you get. If you want to pay small, then don't be surprised when its not a great job.

  4. Exfoliate the area beforehand.

  5. Make sure the wax used on the area is Hot Wax - this adheres to the hair & not the skin. Much better on sensitive areas.

  6. Avoid waxing before or during your period - you will be super sensitive!

  7. Wax 3 days before you are due to be wearing a swimsuit, this will allow time for the redness to go down.

  8. On the day of the appointment wear loose, dark clothing. Avoid wearing lace underwear, this can irritate the area afterwards.

  9. If you are going for the more intimate wax (Brazilian/Hollywood), be prepared to be asked to remove your underwear for the treatment.

  10. Follow all the aftercare provided by the therapist (this will be covered in the next blog).

  11. First time will always be the worst, but it does get better. Do it regularly & you will see the benefits.

  12. You can wax whilst pregnant, just be aware of any extra sensitivity especially in the 3rd Trimester.

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