Clear Cell Clarifying Gel Cleanser

Clear Cell Clarifying Gel Cleanser

177 Milliliters

This foaming, salicylic based gel cleanser gently removes makeup & eliminates excess oil whilst lightly, exfoliating dead skin cells & keeping skin smooth, soft & shine free. Paraben free.

Skin Types: Oily, Acne-Prone, Grades 1 & 2 acne, Aging, Teenagers.

  • How to use

    Apply to wet face morning & evening, massage for 1 minute. Repeat cleansing for additional exfoliation. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one usage daily, then increase gradually to two or three usages daily if needed or as directed by a doctor. If dryness, irritation or peeling occurs, reduce usage to once a day or every other day. If going outside, use sunscreen.

  • Benefits

    • 3-in-1 BHA foaming gel cleanser
    • Exfoliates & tones
    • Removes makeup & eliminates excess oil.
    • Adds essential antioxidants to keep skin soft, purified & shine free

    Pro Tip:
    Alternate use with the Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser to treat acneic skin.

  • Key Ingredients

    Salicylic Acid - BHA Exfoliator
    Arnica Montana - Calms redness prone skin
    Horse Chestnut - Calms redness prone skin