I Mask Firming Transformation Mask

I Mask Firming Transformation Mask

59 Milliliters

A revitalising & firming mask that hydrates & helps bring skin into balance for a plump, smooth & firm appearance. New technology featuring rare pepper berry extract supports the skins wellbeing, helping skin to resist the visible effects of stress & fatigue.
Hyaluronic Acid promotes hydration, while Jojoba beads exfoliate dull skin, leaving it radiant & health looking.
Skin types: Stressed & dull skin, fine lines & wrinkles, lack of hydration.

  • How to use

    Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin & allow to dry for 5-15 minutes. Wet fingertips & massage the skin for 1 minute. Rinse with warm water. Use 3-5 times a week or as needed.

  • Benefits

    • Supports skins ability to resist stress that causes visible signs of aging
    • Draws hydration to skin
    • Improves the look of tightness & tone
    • Minimises the look of fine lines
    • Gives a visible tighetning effect
    • Energises & invigorates dull skin

    Pro Tip:
    Allow mask to dry on the skin & then massage it to help exfoliate the skin

  • Key Ingredients

    Pepper Berry Extract - help to defend against daily stressors.
    Volcanic Clays (Bentonite Clay) - natural source of minerals; calcium, magnesium, iron & potassium. Helps detoxify & remove impurities.
    Kaolin - rich in kaolinite which heps detoxify & exfoliate

    Oxygenating Complex - hydrates skin whilst softening look of fine lines & wrinkles.
    Jojoba beads - gentle exfoliation for dull skin
    Hyaluronic acid - Hydrator